Upholstery cleaning in Knoxville

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Eco-Friendly Methods

The upholstery cleaning method that we use most on upholstery fabrics is steam cleaning. This method which is also called the extraction method. Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning uses pressurized jets of hot steam to loosen embedded dirt from the fibers. It is also one of the most Eco-Friendly methods available in Knoxville.uses non-toxic chemicals And harsh detergents that are required in upholstery cleaning.
Knoxville upholstery Cleaning use truck mounted equipment which means all the heavy machinery stays outside. More importantly these truck mounted units are extremely powerful ensuring the most efficient extraction process possible. Inefficient extraction could leave the fabric wet and unwanted odors.

The Best Upholstery Cleaning Methods in Knoxville

Dry cleaning is an alternative to steam cleaning. Despite its name the dry cleaning method is not necessarily moisture free. Upholstery dry cleaning requires the application of specific chemicals – each chemical has its own protocol When using the dry cleaning method. Our cleaning Specialst use a special tool that applies pressure and warmth on the fabric once the dry cleaning solution has been applied.
Another ‘dry’ form of upholstery cleaning is the dry foam technique. In this technique foam is created by using a dry foam product or by agitating a mixture of water and soap. The foam is then rubbed onto the upholstery fabric with a nylon bristle brush (by hand or with the aid of a machine). Dry foam is often considered when the piece being cleaned is made of a particularly delicate fabric. but it can also be coupled with the extraction method and used on regular upholstery fabrics as well.residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services are second to none. Our expert fabric and upholstery cleaning technicians are certified, trained in cleaning fabric, Whether your upholstery is natural or synthetic, Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning .Our upholstery cleaning process can help revive and extend the life your upholstered furniture, including your sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and other fine furnishings. Our full-service upholstery cleaning incudes the removal of dirt, allergens, pet odors and stains using the following steps:

  • Color Test Fabric for color fastness by fiber type.
  • Apply pH Balanced Pre-Conditioner to loosen dirt.
  • Deep Steam Clean Fibers using heat-extraction steam cleaning with industry strength equipment.Chair Clean
  • Pressure Rinse to produce the best results for a fresh clean you can see, feel and smell.
Additional Upholstery Services

Sometimes you don’t need full-service upholstery cleaning, but you need something more effective than vacuuming. Try Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning additional upholstery cleaning services.

Professional Dust Down is a great economy cleaning solution for a fraction of the cost of our full-service upholstery cleaning. For Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning professional “Dust Down”, our expert technicians use a heavy-duty, truck-mounted vacuum to remove allergens, pollen, dust mites, dirt, and odors from your upholstery.
Pet Odor and Stain Removal is the best solution for cleaning up after pets. Our technicians use a specialized pet stain remover that is safe for your upholstery, family and pets and lifts stains and odors from fibers with its special pH balanced formulation.
Allergen Removal Services is a hypo-allergenic Allergy Relief Treatment cleaning solution perfect for neutralizing allergens and cleaning and removing dust mites, pet dander, pollutants, smoke, and soiling from upholstery.

Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning Allergen Removal Services

Over time your upholstered furniture collects and traps allergens, dirt, and dust mites, which can trigger allergies. Protect your loved ones from airborne allergens and pollutants such as pollen, mold, smoke dust mites, and pet dander with our Allergen Removal Services. Improve indoor air quality and avoid and reduce allergens in your home or office with residential and commercial Allergen Removal Services from Knoxville Upholstery Cleaning.